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Our Climate Change Solutions Classification System

March 31, 2021

Gary Hart, iClima Team


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Inspired by the Project Drawdown and the EU Green Taxonomy, iClima Earth has identified five segments that effectively combine and reflect a wide spectrum of climate change solutions. The companies in Clima’s universe provide solutions across the following segments: Green Energy, Green Transportation, Water & Waste Improvements, Enabling Solutions and Sustainable Products.

These five broader themes were further broken down into 29 sub-segments. The solutions in these sub-segments directly help the avoidance of GHG emissions, enable direct reduction of GHG emissions, improvements in energy efficiency, and/or contribute to carbon sequestration.

Green Energy Green Transportaion Water & Waste Improvements Enabling Solutions Sustainable Products
Renewable Energy Assets Electric Transportation Waste Management Fuel Cells and Alternative Fuel Food Solutions
Renewable Energy Developer Electric Vehicle & Bikes Water & Waste Efficiency Battery Supply Chain Telepresence
Renewable Energy Equipment Ride Sharing Recycling & Materials Electric Systems Sustainable Materials
Green Utility Pollution Control Energy Efficiency Efficient Materials & Processes
Energy Storage Sustainable Buildings
Green Finance Efficient Materials & Processes
Semiconductor Devices Sustainable Buildings
Lighting Devices Sustainable Forestry
Measurement Instruments
Sustainable Infrastructure
Electrical Components

Green Energy

Companies in the Green Energy segment provide or enable renewable energy generation from solar, wind, hydro, ocean, tide, and geothermal sources. Renewable energy generation is a climate change mitigation solution that contributes directly to the reduction of fossil fuel energy generation and GHG emissions.

Theme Sub-Segment Description
Green Energy Renewable Energy Assets Companies that own, operate, and/or manage a portfolio of assets across the renewable energy generation space, mainly solar PV assets, concentrated solar power, onshore wind, offshore wind, geothermal, and hydro power assets.
Renewable Energy Developer Companies whose main activity is the development of renewable energy generation projects, from design phase, to planning, permitting, financing, and construction of renewable assets.
Renewable Energy Equipment Companies that design, manufacture, and sell renewable energy technology components and equipment. These products can include solar modules, solar wafers, solar cells, solar frames, mounting structures for solar farms, equipment for residential solar installations for decentralised energy production; gearbox, electric motors and controls for the wind energy industry; general wind energy equipment for the onshore and offshore wind, such as wind blades, subaquatic cables; wind turbine manufacturers.
Green Utility Electric power providers that generate material or growing share of revenues from electricity generation and distribution from renewable energy sources

Green Transportation

Companies in the Green Transportation segment focus on the climate change solutions that enable reduction of GHG emissions from fossil fuel combustion in Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles. Also, companies in public transportation that enable a modal shift from ownership and usage of private ICE vehicles.

Theme Sub-Segment Description
Green Transportation Electric Transportation Companies that manufacture, design, produce, and sell rail transport systems that operate on electricity, being freight, intermodal or passenger services.
Electric Vehicle & Bikes Companies that manufacture, design, produce, and sell electric vehicles, hybrid cars, electric bikes, electric scooters, electric micro transportation solutions such as fleet sharing and technology
Ride Sharing & Efficiency Companies that develop and offer ride sharing solutions, enabling more efficient transportation and reduction of ICE utilisation

Water & Waste Improvements

Companies in the Water & Waste Improvements segment provide water and waste management services that enable energy saving, sustainable treatment of waste and avoidance of landfill GHG emissions from decomposition.

Theme Sub-Segment Description
Water & Waste Improvements Pollution Control Companies that design, produce, and sell products that allow for better control of GHG emissions, lower carbon footprint chemical processing solutions, filtration solutions.
Recycling & Materials Companies that manufacture, design, produce and sell recycled paper products, sustainable packaging solutions and alternative materials.
Waste Management Companies that own and operate collection and recycling facilities and provide collection and recycling services for various recyclable materials and industrial waste.
Water & Waste Efficiency Companies that provide solutions and/or services that allow improved water consumption and more efficient waste processing.

Enabling Solutions

Companies in the Enabling Solutions segment cover a wide range of solutions that indirectly enable reduction of GHG emissions from energy generation, combustion in ICE vehicles, and operation of buildings and industrial processes.

Theme Sub-Segment Description
Fuel Cells &
Alternative Fuels
Companies that design, manufacture, produce and sell fuel cells, hydrogen, waste to fuel, synthetic fuel and biofuel.
Battery Supply Chain Companies that design, produce, manufacture, and sell key components and elements used in electric batteries. The batteries enable energy storage, a solution for renewable energy generation intermittency, and are a fundamental element of EVs.
Electric Systems Companies that design, produce, manufacture, and sell industrial automation equipment such as converters, generators, electric control systems. Also, equipment for industrial and commercial electric systems that create energy savings.
Energy Efficiency Companies that design, produce, manufacture, and sell technologies and products that reduce demand for electricity generation for building and industrial appliances.
Energy Storage Companies that design, produce, manufacture, and sell utility scale battery storage solutions for renewable energy industry.
Green Finance Companies that provide capital, equity, or debt, directly or indirectly, into low-carbon technologies and climate change solutions.
Semiconductor Devices Companies that design, produce, manufacture, and sell semiconductors and/or semiconductor components that enable solutions to LED and solar PV systems.
Lighting Systems Companies that design, produce, manufacture, and sell LED lighting, products for energy efficient indoor and outdoor lighting and control systems.
Measurement Instruments Companies that design, produce, manufacture, and sell smart meters, software and hardware solutions for collecting and analysing electric, gas and water usage and data.
Sustainable Infrastructure Companies that design, build, and maintain transmission and distribution systems and network infrastructure systems such as flexible and smart grids to enable renewable electricity production.
Electrical Components Companies that design, produce, manufacture and sell power conversion products, fuses and circuit protection devises applied for energy saving purposes.

Sustainable Products

The Sustainable Products segments covers companies that offer products from sustainable raw materials, products that enable reduction of GHG emissions in the production stage, use phase and/or end of life phase.

Theme Sub-Segment Description
Sustainable Products Food Solutions
Companies that produce and sell plant-based diet foods such as alternative meat and dairy products, meal kits and foods in sustainable packaging that reduce food waste and plastic packaging emissions from landfill.
Telepresence Companies that develop and provide hardware and/or software solutions for online communication that replace and substitute in presence communication that requires material travelling.
Sustainable Materials Companies that design, produce, and sell plant-based plastic, textile and raw materials.
Efficient Materials & Processes Companies that design, produce, and sell products and technologies that reduce waste and consumption, make industrial production and operational processes more energy efficient.
Sustainable Buildings Companies that design, develop, and sell solutions that allow better building insulation such as efficient glass insulation solutions. Companies that install and monitor residential renewable energy generation systems. Companies that own and manage real estate assets being refurbished or already energy efficient.
Sustainable Forestry Companies that own, manage and harvest forests in accordance with sustainable forest management practices and that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and/or the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) system that preserve forest eco-system and where the annual harvest is set equal to or below the annual forest increment, thus allowing forest carbon stocks to be maintained or to increase. Companies that produce biomass energy from certified forest products. Companies that produce green infrastructure and building materials from certified forests that include sawn wood, wood-based panels, timber and pulp that are used for construction, furniture, packaging, paper, chemical, textile and other technical applications.

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