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Our Theory of Change

July 7, 2022

iClima Team


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A novel way to conceptualise the journey to Net Zero

There are a million Net Zero pathways out there. Most are split by geography, by sector, or perhaps by technology. While useful for policymakers, we don’t think these division suitably demonstrate the kind of investment needed to solve the climate crisis. Instead, we like to look at three different ways to cut emissions.

Here, we have divided the Net Zero pathway provided by Paul Hawken’s ‘Regeneration’ project into these three buckets. We see his as an optimal, if optimistic, trajectory to Net Zero that is highly illustrative of our philosophy.

Too many investment strategies focus on doing less harm, and sequestration remains beset with issues as the offset market matures. Avoiding emissions is currently the best way to invest against climate change.

It happens also to be the investment opportunity of a lifetime

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