We believe capital
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Our theory of change is that the biggest impact comes from the companies enabling avoidance in increasingly sustainable ways

Our theory of change

Net Zero pathways split by geography, by sector, and by technology are useful for policymakers but don’t give a practical roadmap for impactful investments. We have divided the Net Zero pathway provided by Paul Hawken’s ‘Project Regeneration’ into three buckets contributing to a total of 1600 GtCO2e in GHG reductions through 2050.’

Less Harm

Less Harm

'Doing less harm' by reducing the emmissions intensity of current products and processes.


Innovation & Exclusion

'Avoiding emissions' by replacing high carbon products and processes with low carbon alternatives.


Growing Sequestration

'Sequestration' through nature based carbon sinks.

Explore companies

Providing a transparent tool for identifying relevant company debates

Proxy voting

Launching an active proxy voting campaign in 2022

Driving change

Engagement is a vital tool for financial institutions to create impact in the real economy

Our Approach

We have a sole focus: the companies that can decarbonise the planet. We went deep on the analysis of which existing and upcoming technologies will bring the most emissions reduction impact, and we share that openly. We engage, we collaborate, and we produce tangible metrics to accelerate change.

REad More


Our full in depth methodology including background information, green revenue, brown revenue, negative screening, potential avoided emissions and SDG alignment.


Impact Report

This report outlines our philosophy and methodology, and provides a roadmap for shifting the paradigm of sustainable finance.



Sifting through the alphabet soup of ESG 3.0


Meet the Team


Gabriela Herculano

CEO and Co-founder

Gaby has over 25 years’ experience in finance and in energy. She started her career in equity research, covering the Latin American electric utility sector at Lehman Brothers. After business school she moved into the buy side, where she worked at Greenfield project finance and M&A at energy developer AES Corporation and as an Executive Director at GE Capital’s Energy Financial Services team in London.


Shaila Leekha

COO and Co-founder

Shaila has more than 20 years’ professional experience across the private, public and multilateral sectors, including most recently at Fitch’s ESG rating business where she rolled out a fixed income ESG product. Her prior experience includes energy project finance at GE Capital in London, equity infrastructure investments at AMP Capital in London, and infrastructure and telecoms project finance at the IFC in Washington DC.


Chris Searle

Sustainability Research Analyst

Chris joined the team in September after finishing his BA in Geography at the University of Oxford. During his time there he was heavily involved with Six Degrees sustainability consulting and wrote multiple pieces for us. Chris is fascinated in the climate crisis, with a particular interest in what makes people and organisations engage (or not), and how we can better communicate the issue to this end.


Gary Hart

Sustainability Research Analyst

Gary is a physicist by training, graduating Kings College London with a BSc in Physics in 2009. His passion for cutting edge technology has underpinned much of his career since, joining Virgin Media’s Technology Strategy team straight out of university. Seeking a different angle, Gary undertook a masters in Climate Change, Management and Finance at Imperial College London, which included a summer project at Impax Asset Management.


Brigita Darminto

Science Researcher

Brigita is a materials scientist and energy storage enthusiast. She’s been fascinated with batteries since high school and has ended up doing research on energy storage, both in academia and industry, since 2016. Currently, she’s pursuing a DPhil in Materials at the University of Oxford, spending 5 to 6 days a week in the lab trying very hard to come up with a novel solid electrolyte for sodium batteries.


Rina Cerrato

Climate Change Advisor

Rina has always been a strong believer that climate change and the environment make business sense. Rina applied this belief early in her career by switching from non-profit environmental advocacy work to the private sector, specialising in carbon markets. Rina worked in carbon markets before the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol came into place (2008-2012).


Jayhan Selvarajah

Sustainability Research Analyst

Jay graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2019 with a BSc in Industrial Economics, before spotting an opportunity to move into a growing field, undertaking an MSc in Climate Change Finance and Management from Imperial College London.


Kieran Baptista

Design Manager

Kieran cut his teeth in the world of experiential marketing, with stints at DDB, WPP and Publicis Groupe, before he decided to turn his hand to more impactful work. A product designer by training, he now turns our work into stunning visuals. Since coming on board, he has transformed the way that our data is presented, creating a series of compelling infographics and placing his own style on pieces like this report.

We Are Believers

By 2030, the world will have been reshaped

Our research tells us the world will be a better place. We collect data and in connecting the dots we see the beginning of a seismic shift.

We are proud to be part of it.
There’s a lot to be done.

Our research tells us the world will be a better place. We collect data and in connecting the dots we see the beginning of a seismic shift. We are proud to be part of it. There’s a lot to be done.

We Are Believers

By 2030, the world will have been reshaped

Our research tells us the world will be a better place. We curate climate-focused equity indices and provide data, and in connecting the dots we see the beginning of a seismic shift.

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