The CAPEX cycle of
a generation

Solving our biggest challenges represents an unprecedented value creation opportunity

Explore companies

Providing a transparent tool for identifying relevant company debates

Proxy voting

Launching an active proxy voting campaign in 2022

Driving change

Engagement is a vital tool for financial institutions to create impact in the real economy



Distributed Renewable Energy Index

Convergence of digitalised, decentralised and decarbonised smart energy solutions.

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Long Duration Energy Storage Index

The key to unlocking our renewable energy future.



Global Decarbonisation Enablers Index

Comprehensive and holistic climate solutions that ​​preclude CO2 emissions from ever taking place.

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Climate Change Adaptation Index

Adaptation solutions that build resilience to an already 1.1° C warmer climate.


Circular & Shared Economy Index

Sustainable consumption solutions that can bend our linear economies.

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Early Stage Climate Change Solutions

Representing up-and-coming climate change mitigation solutions.

Our Indices

We find the relevant solutions converging and creating a seismic shift

Climate Change Solutions

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Comprehensive set of solutions and technologies converging and enabling potential avoided CO2e emissions

Decentralised Smart Energy

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The disruptive emergence of distributed renewable-based energy generation and storage

Rise of green hydrogen

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The unfolding of a transformative supply chain where green electrons create green molecules

For us, sustainability means

Leading with the 'E' and integrating the 'S' and 'G'

ESG is not a theme, it permeates all companies on the planet, no exceptions

Leading with ‘E’ represents our focus on maximising green revenue and potential avoided emissions

Our vetting process negatively screens for brown revenue activities

We see ’S’ and ‘G’ as risk factors that we integrate into our analysis

iClima brings to market ESG 3.0, where financial activity seeks to CAUSE positive outcomes. We look for companies for whom decarbonisation is a revenue generating item rather than just a cost.

Potential avoided emissions is our metric for impact


Our methodology uses this as a tangible metric measured in gigatons of CO2e per year

It is forward looking, allowing for a data based assessment to measure progress

It is a comparative tool to determine the relevance of each solution

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Index Snapshots


A much needed shift in climate change index narrative

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Smart Energy

Smart energy is reshaping our dated,  fossil fuel based, centralized energy grid

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Doing well by doing good

Sustainability is the investment opportunity of our lifetime. An unprecedented value creation cycle that is also the path to prosperity and regeneration.

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