Decarbonisation is our purpose

We undertake rigorous climate analysis to ensure that capital flows to the necessary innovations

Our Indices

We find the relevant solutions converging and creating a seismic shift

Climate Change Solutions

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Comprehensive set of solutions and technologies converging and enabling potential avoided CO2e emissions

Decentralised Smart Energy

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The disruptive emergence of distributed renewable-based energy generation and storage

Rise of green hydrogen

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The unfolding of a transformative supply chain where green electrons create green molecules

For us, sustainability means

Leading with the 'E' and integrating the 'S' and 'G'

ESG is not a theme, it permeates all companies on the planet, no exceptions

Leading with ‘E’ represents our focus on maximising green revenue and potential avoided emissions

Our vetting process negatively screens for brown revenue activities

We see ’S’ and ‘G’ as risk factors that we integrate into our analysis


Potential avoided emissions is our metric for impact

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Our methodology uses this as a tangible metric measured in gigatons of CO2e per year

It is forward looking, allowing for a data based assessment to measure progress

It is a comparative tool to determine the relevance of each solution

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Index Snapshots


A much needed shift in climate change index narrative

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Smart Energy

Smart energy is reshaping our dated,  fossil fuel based, centralized energy grid

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Do well by doing good

We are passionate about our vision of a greener planet via impactful investments

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