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Over 60 solutions, consisting of 24 segments and 79 sub-segments

iClima Earth has developed its unique, proprietary climate impact-focused taxonomy to determine a list of tangible environmental solutions. The iClima Taxonomy is focused on solutions that deliver key impact parameters of  

solutions that preclude emissions from ever taking place, replacing higher emissions BAU

solutions that enable an overall reduction of existing emissions

solutions that enable adjusting to key effects of climate change

solutions that enable the process of capturing, securing, and storing CO2e


We have screened and vetted over 500 listed companies in line with the iClima taxonomy and its key solutions. We have mined and meticulously calibrated green and brown revenue over 3 fiscal years for hundreds of companies since 2019.

Potential avoided emissions (PAE)

iClima has pioneered the use of Potential Avoided Emissions as a key, forward-looking, tangible metric for impact for listed climate solution providers. iClima has quantified the impact of the universe of companies that are our "climate champions," emphasizing the companies that are providing climate change solutions through their products and services, as well as highlighting the magnitude of their impact through an assessment of their GHG emissions avoidance potential.

Doing well by doing good

Sustainability is the investment opportunity of our lifetime. An unprecedented value creation cycle that is also the path to prosperity and regeneration.

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