iClima creates paradigm shifting equity indices to fight climate change

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Capital markets have an instrumental role to play in solving society's biggest problems

Our six equity indices tell a unique story, and by licensing them to financial institutions we extend the reach and impact of this new approach to climate change investing

Our unique focus is supported by a pioneering methodology based on tangible forward looking metrics


iClima's aim is acceleration

That is why we focus on empowering financial institutions to maximise the climate impact of their capital, while gaining exposure to a burgeoning sector of the global economy. Our indices therefore target the companies that can decarbonise the planet.

We believe the best way to reduce carbon in the atmosphere is by not emitting in the first place, and pioneer the use of Potential Avoided Emissions as our key metric.

Our Index Curation Process


We triangulate the findings of scientific studies with regulatory definitions of green products & services, and the concept of CO2e Avoided Emissions


We created our data base from scratch. It took us over 18 months to gather and analyse raw data, public information and company filings


We negatively screen for certain activities, like coal and nuclear energy. We apply UN Global Compact indicators for a holistic approach to ESG

Our current and forthcoming indices tackle the issues of our generation

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Two existing indices

Four upcoming indices (expected Summer 2022)

Each focused on a specific aspect of our fight against climate change

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iClima has a global presence

Robust Architecture


Converging ESG & Innovation


Passionate Team


Truly International

Our global partners extend our reach

Our proprietary indices are available as ETFs through our US and EU partners or as licensed products



Data provider

US (40 Act) ETFs

Upcoming licensing


Converging Innovation & ESG

To achieve ambitious global targets for climate change, we need to work together

ETFs have witnessed significant growth recently. Our partners support our unique approach, developing and issuing the thematic ETFs tracking our indices

Passionate Team

Our talented research analysts are committed to understanding the trends reshaping our world

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What they say about us

“I am delighted to see iClima bringing a change in narrative to the green investments space. Like iClima, I agree that decarbonisation is our top priority and represents a key financial risk if it is not tackled.

The fact that iClima focuses on CO2 avoidance, and calculates this figure as a tangible metric, is a meaningful way to discuss climate solutions and which in turn enables a more informed investment analysis. The climate crisis is the greatest threat we face today, and it is heartening to see a data-based new way of looking at how investors can contribute to the solution.”

Michael Hayes, KPMG Global Head of Renewables

What they said to us

“Corporations should be investing routinely in sustainable practices; banks and investors should look for green projects and companies to build their portfolios; governments and other public institutions must align their efforts with roadmaps towards net zero.”

Barbara Buchner, Head of Climate Policy Initiative

What they say about us

"iClima’s framing is spot on. The idea of investing in companies whose P&L is aligned to change that is coming is much stronger than using carrots and sticks to drag existing companies toward change. I love their picks and shovels analogy. A financial product that focuses on companies enabling CO2 avoidance (selling shovels) hits the nail on the head."

Jim Wiandt, Founder of ETF.com and CEO of SparkNetwork.com

What they said to us

“The experience of the last few months, which have demonstrated around the world that solar and wind can provide the majority of electricity with no significant stability problems, should give us new confidence that a 100% renewables future, backed by batteries and hydrogen is not only possible, but deeply desirable from a financial as well as environmental point of view.”

Chris Goodall, Author of “Ten Technologies to Save the Planet” and “The Switch”

Read more about our ESG investing approach

Explore our carbon avoidance methodology, vetting process and classifications

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Do well by doing good

Innovation and ESG are converging and reshaping our world. Join the shift, be part of the solution

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