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BITA and iCLIMA partner to launch a range of environmental-impact indexing, data and analytics solutions

September 20, 2022

iClima Earth


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BITA and iCLIMA partner to launch a range of environmental-impact indexing, data and analytics solutions


Frankfurt & London, September 12, 2022 – BITA and iCLIMA Earth have announced a joint partnership for the development and commercialization of environment-focused impact indexes, data and analytics. The new offering, marketed under the BITA iCLIMA brand, will leverage both iClima’s deep expertise in decarbonization and climate impact research and BITA’s powerful indexing and investment customization technology to provide a full spectrum of climate investing solutions.


As a first initiative, the partnership is launching an innovative range of impact equity indexes. The first five BITA iCLIMA indexes cover a range of themes that aim to tackle global challenges like climate change,decarbonization, clean energy and the circular economy. With a focus to allow capital allocation into the companies that can decarbonize and regenerate the planet, the new partnership will enable investors to direct resources into solutions that generate tangible and material impact, while navigatíng across the many risks and great opportunities lying ahead.


One example of this is the BITA iCLIMA ‘Early Stage Decarbonization Solutions Index’, which focuses on companies developing products and services that preclude emissions from ever taking place and are in early stage of commercialization. Equally unique is the BITA iCLIMA ‘Climate Change Adaptation Index’, focusing on solutions to help society deal with the consequences of global temperatures already 1.1oC warmer than pre-industrial average.


In addition to indexing, the partnership will provide access to iClima’s data and research through BITA’s self –and direct– indexing platform BITACORE. Asset managers, asset owners and institutions will be able to design,backtest, customize and analyze climate impact portfolios in a matter of minutes with an user-friendly interface.


Victor Gomez, CEO of BITA comments; “The severity and frequency of adverse climate events has increased awareness in consumers, policy makers and investors. While the ESG landscape is overcrowded, we see a massive opportunity for laser-focused solutions targeting the decarbonization problem. iClima is a pioneer in the space, and we are extremely excited to work together with their team in providing state-of-the-art solutions with a focus on materiality


Gaby Herculano, CEO and Co-Founder at iCLIMA Earth comments; “The joint venture with BITA has provided us with the missing technology to scale our product offering and ultimately make a difference to the planet. Our collaboration as BITA iCLIMA empowers us to continue to produce tangible and forward looking metrics that can accelerate change.”


If you’re interested in learning more about the BITA iCLIMA set of solutions, or have interest in licensing a BITA iCLIMA index, visit our website or contact us at



About BITA

BITA is a leading technology-enabled Fintech,focused on the provision of investment customization technology, indexes, and indexing solutions to asset & wealth managers, registered investment advisors and other financial institutions across multiple markets. From traditional passive investing to direct indexing, BITA’s infrastructure has been designed to support investment customization at scale.

BITACore is BITA’s cloud-based index development and investment customization platform. BITACore is available both in a web-based version as well as APIs,and can support a variety of applications, from traditional institutional indexing to direct indexing.


About iClima Earth

iClima Earth is a London based green Fintech, focusing on the companies with solutions to the world’s biggest problems. iClima has pioneered ESG 3.0, where products and services that cause and environmental impact (as opposed to correlating with one) are vetted using tangible, forward looking metrics. The company has developed an in-depth methodology based on triangulation of key data points, such as background information, green revenue, brown revenue, negative screening, potential avoided emissions and SDG alignment.

iClima is a female led three year old company already with a global presence. Its Indices are used by financial institutions that have launched regulated financial products for the US market, the EU market, and the Australian market.


For media enquiries, please contact:

For iClima Earth: Gabriela Herculano, CEO and Co-Founder, iClima Earth,

For BITA: Jaz Worrell, Marketing Director, BITA,




The information in this document does not constitute tax, legal or investment advice and is not intended as a recommendation for buying or selling securities. BITA and all other companies mentioned in thisdocument are not responsible for the consequences of reliance upon any opinion or statement contained herein or for any omission.

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