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Video Clip - iClima's CEO Gabriela Herculano presents at COP26 UNFCCC Event

November 11, 2021

iClima Earth


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iClima's CEO Gabriela Herculano's attended COP 26's UN Climate Change Global Innovation Hub event - Assessing avoided emissions and 1.5C compatibility of solution providers and enablers.

Above is her presentation which aimed to show how we can break down our global emissions reduction targets into smaller and more manageable chunks at the sector and solution level, and how iClima's work focusing on avoided emissions at the company and solution level can help us understand the most impactful solutions that we need to scale up.  

Moderators: Dennis Pamlin/Jay Hennessy, Mission Innovation/RISE

Other Panelists/Speakers:

• Sarah Kearney, Executive Director, Crane

• Bram van der Grinten, CEO, Impact Forecast

• Roberta Benedetti, Independent Consultant,JustClimate

• Luis Neves, CEO, GeSI and founder Digital with Purpose

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