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ETFGI Founder Deborah Fuhr's Fascinating Insights Into The History And Merits Of ETFs

October 3, 2022

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Gabriela Herculano and Shaila Leekha Khan


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Deborah Fuhr is Managing Partner and Founder of ETFGI, the dominant independent research and consulting house offering insights on the entire global industry of ETFs, ETPs and service providers. Tune in for a fascinating insight into the history and merits of ETFs. Debbie was one of the first to see the potential of these transparent, tax efficient, liquid and fundamentally democratic financial tools. The growth in the sector over the last few years has been particularly notable, with Debbie highlighting some fascinating drivers of this trend, including the Covid-19 pandemic. Watch Debbie’s eyes spark when talking about the increasing leadership roles of women in the finance industry!

Our chat ends with some inspiring insights into the role of women in the financial sector.The founder of the group Women in ETFs, Debbie has won multiple industry awards during her career, which has seen her work for Morgan Stanley, Greenwich Associates and BlackRock/Barclays Global Investors. Most prominent in these honours were the 100 Women in Finance 2017 European Industry Leadership Award and the 2014 William F. Sharpe Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding contributions to the field of index investing. She was also named one of the “100 Most Influential Women in Finance” by Financial News on multiple occasions.Women in ETFs is a non-profit organisation, founded in 2014, that brings together over 4,500 members including women and men in chapters spread across major global financial centres to CONNECT, SUPPORT and INSPIRE.

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