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Climate Talk with Gaby and Shaila - Episode 2 - Julian Poulter

October 3, 2022

Hosted by

Gabriela Herculano and Shaila Khan Leekha


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Julian Poulter, partner at Energy Transition Advisors, joins Gaby and Shaila on this week’s Climate Talk podcast and webinar, to discuss the inevitability of the transition from fossil fuels toward cleaner and more sustainable sources of energy, and whether that transition can be an orderly one. He also discusses ETA’s “Inevitable Policy Response Project,” their report for the financial sector and investors modeling how policy and technology can drive the climate transition, as well as the forecast models of what they see, how they see the transition evolving and what the implications are.

Climate Talk is part of the Spark Network, an events company that creates virtual and live experiences for the finance, tech and environmental sectors. They consider culture at their events to be just as important as delivering the research, analysis and out-of-the-box opinions to inspire the original thinking, conversations, connection, and creative solutions that raise the bar for humanity.

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