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FlexiDao CoFounder Joan Collell on Using Blockchain to Monitor Renewable Energy

October 3, 2022

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Gabriela Herculano and Shaila Leekha Khan


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Joan Collell is CEO and co-founder of FlexiDAO. FlexiDAO is harnessing the revolution in blockchain technology to enhance transparency, a much-needed prerequisite for a successful low carbon transition. The innovation has been well received, with Collell’s fledgling company already partnered with global giants like Microsoft and Vodafone. The current system of green energy traceability relies on certificates which do not reflect the physical reality of the grid hour by hour. With the intermittency of renewable sources this is becoming a significant problem for those trying to set credible net zero targets, making FlexiDao an increasingly attractive prospect.

Join us as Joan offers a fantastically simple explanation of the technology, which effectively matches business consumption with renewable energy output statistics to determine whether supposedly ‘green’ energy can actually be termed so. There is huge scope for a scale-up of FlexiDao’s solution, with the company looking at once to cover entire value chains for the organisations it is already involved in, while also expanding its reach to new players. Like the GHGSat (Episode 13), this is one of those rare single solutions that could genuinely move the needle on global decarbonisation. Watch this space!

You can learn more about FlexiDAO here.

You can find Joan on LinkedIn here.

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