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'Just Have A Think' Viral YouTube Host Dave Borlace On Telling the Truth About Climate Change

October 3, 2022

Hosted by

Gabriela Herculano & Shaila Leekha Khan


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Since launching his Just Have a Think podcast in 2018, Dave Borlace has been steadily increasing his subscriber base at a fast clip, to almost 400,000 currently with over 200 videos garnering more than 27 million views. To the iClima team, his success is no surprise since we have been long standing fans of his balanced, well-evidenced approach to explaining the climate change solutions that exist today. We were therefore delighted to have him as a guest on our podcast, where he discusses how his experience in project management helped prepare him for the task of compiling these videos – which he does on his own and without PR sponsorship to maintain his uncompromised views – the process of preparation and research, and the importance to him of keeping that uniquely soft-spoken, well balanced view.

If you want to support Dave, you can become a patron with minimal donation at this link:

To check out some of his great shows, including the one on small modular nuclear technology discussed in our podcast, please use the following links: Nuclear : | Solid State Batteries | Nature's Answer to Plastics

Links to Dave’s podcast and social media: YouTube | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram

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